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* Blue Cheese and Egg Burger

Cher-grilled hamburger topped with blue cheese and blue cheese dressing, bacon, onion petals and one fried egg sunny side up, served with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes drizzled with blue cheese dressing.

* Create Your own Burger 8.99

Start with a 7oz Black Angus pure beef patty and your favorite topping: Fried Egg, Bacon, any of our cheeses, Avocado, BBQ Sauce, Mushrooms or Peppers, each ingredient .1.19 extra.

Gruyere Swiss Mountain Burger

Grilled Black Angus beef hamburger patty. Topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions and smothered with melted Gruyere Swiss cheese.

Avalon Sunset

Grilled chicken breast cooked to perfection, topped with bacon, avocado, tomato, melted Swiss cheese on grilled sourdough bread.

The Waldorf Chicken Salad Melt

Our all white-meat chicken salad blended with crisp granny smith apples, dry cranberries and sugar crusted walnuts. Topped with melted jack and cheddar cheese on a toasted English muffin.

Tuna Melt

Our all white meat Albacore tuna salad on grilled multi-grain bread with melted American cheese.

Vegetarian Melt Wrap

Fresh grilled portabello mushroom, tomatoes, avocado, roasted red peppers, lettuce and melted jack cheese, all nestled in a spinach tortilla. Served with honey-lime citrus dressing.

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Crispy fried chicken strips, with blue cheese dressing, tomatoes, hot buffalo sauce, cheddar and jack cheeses in a soft wrapper.

Monte Cristo "Our Way"

Grilled sourdough bread, dipped in our French toast batter, dijon mayo, melted Swiss cheese, smoked ham and turkey sandwiched inside and topped with raspberry preserves. Served with French Fries or Fresh Fruit.

Triple Decker Turkey Avocado Club

Fresh turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon, American cheese and mayonnaise on multi-grain toast.

BLT and E Supreme

Whole wheat toast piled high with crisp bacon, avocado, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise, crowned with fried egg …Supremely Delicious!

Reuben Sandwich Turkey or Corned Beef

Choice of: Tender corned beef or sliced turkey, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing on grilled rye bread topped with melted Swiss cheese, served with fries or fresh fruit.

Chicken Spinach and Artichoke Melt

Grilled breast of chicken on grilled parmesan crusted sourdough bread, with provolone, parmesan and Romano cheeses, spinach-artichoke sauce.

Beyond Meat Burger Vegan

6oz Grilled plant base beyond meat burger patty with malted Vegan American style cheese, topped with avocado, tomato, arugula and drizzled with Balsamic glaze.

Grilled Cheese Supreme

Grilled tomato, bacon melted Provolone, Goat and American cheeseson grilled sour dough bread.

*All Sandwiches and Burgers served with choice of: fresh fruit, French Fries or Mexican rice. Fried onion Petals add .99¢ Gluten Free bread available for $1.19 extra

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