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My Big Fat Greek Salad

Romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, pepperoncini peppers, green peppers, red onions, feta cheese and Kalamata olives tossed with our Greek dressing .
$9,99 Add: Gyros or Greek style chicken 11.99

Southwest Chicken Salad

BBQ pulled chicken, avocado slices, corn, black beans, Pico de Gallo and tortilla strips on mixed salad greens. Served with chipotle-ranch dressing.

Granny Smith Baby Spinach Salad

Sliced granny smith apples, roasted honey-pecans, sun-dried cranberries, smoked bacon and goat cheese, tossed with tender baby spinach and our Fuji-apple vinaigrette. 9.99
$Add Grilled breast of chicken 11.99

Honey Almond Chicken Salad

Honey glazed grilled chicken breast, fresh sliced strawberries, toasted almonds and red onion rings on a bed of baby spinach with our fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.

Chopped Portobello Cobb Salad

Grilled portabella mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, apples, cheddar and blue cheese, bacon, hard-boiled egg, mixed greens all chopped and tossed in our green apple vinaigrette. 8.99

Honey-Roasted Pecan-Dijon Salad

Seasoned grilled breast of chicken, bacon, avocados, honey-roasted pecans, sun-dried cranberries, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Served with Honey-Dijon dressing.

Stuffed Pineapple-Chicken Salad

Pineapple half stuffed with our Waldorf style chicken salad. Served with cottage cheese, sliced hard-boiled egg and an English muffin.

Steak Salad

Mixed greens and iceberg lettuce, avocado, cucumber, mango, cherry tomatoes and queso fresco tossed with our chardonnay mango vinaigrette, topped with strips of grilled skirt steak

Smoked Salmon Salad

Fresh spinach and aragula drizzled with our apple vinaigrette, cold smoked salmon, grilled asparagus, goat cheese, capers, fresh dill, cherry tomatoes, and a hard boiled egg.

Crilled Chicken Waldorf Salad

Grilled strips of chicken, diced apples, crumbled blue cheese, sliced strawberries, dried cranberries on mixed greens and lettuce all drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette.

Grilled Chicken Waldorf Salad

Grilled strips of chicken, apples, fresh strawberries, dried cranberries, crumbled bluecheese on mixed geens and lettuce all drizzled with our fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.

Hot Chicken and Pasta Salad

Char-grilled chicken strips, sautéed with a medley of fresh spinach, broccoli, mushrooms and red peppers blended with Parmesan cheese and penne pasta, on a bed of fresh salad greens with Caesar dressing.

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